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We Are GFS Logistics

At GFS Logistics, we specialize in supply chain execution. GFS Logistics operates 1.6 million s.f. of ecommerce fulfillment, warehousing, in-store display, and logistics space in Lancaster, Texas.

We also provide kitting rework and display pack-out solutions for consumer retail brands. In addition, GFS Logistics provides seasonal “flex” inventory and trailer storage solutions for our partners.

Our Customers

David Weekley Homes
The Home Depot
H.B. Fuller
Owens Illinois
Southwest Airlines

Advanced e-Commerce Shopping Cart Integrations & Fulfillment

When you work with GFS Logistics, you can rest assured that our APIs will seamlessly integrate with any shopping cart you depend on. Trust us to help you stay competitive and comfortable with the capabilities of your current shopping cart. The shopping carts we integrated with include the following and more:

Commerce Hub

Supply Chain Management Services That Help Your Business Excel

GFS Logistics is dedicated to helping all of the companies we partner with fulfill their promises to their customers. Trust us to offer your brand the solutions it needs to strengthen its supply chain and logistics goals.

Warehouse Management

GFS specializes in providing warehousing solutions that meet the needs of even the most ambitious businesses. Our warehouses offer flexibility, and access to essential resources that a brand would need to effectively manage their fulfillment needs.

Logistics Management

We realize that your supply chain is a complex system and are prepared to adapt to your needs to achieve success. That’s why when you partner with GFS Logistics you are guaranteed logistics management that is focused on detail, accountability, and accurate follow-through on all of your logistic commitments.

Storage Solutions

Our warehouses are designed to store mass amounts of product that is easily accessible when you need it. Our partners trust us for secure storage solutions that simplify the packing and processing of your products when the time comes.

Instore Retail Display Packout and Distribution

If you need your product packed-out and prepared for display at brick and mortar location, GFS Solutions offers the flexibility you need to pack out your in-store displays and transport them to their final destination.

Transloading Solutions

If your shipment requires more than one form of transportation, GFS Logistics guarantees smooth transloading solutions that don’t compromise your deadline.

Reverse Logistics

Customer returns can take up the time your business needs for standard fulfillments. GFS Logistics provides your brand with reliable reverse logistics that allows you to continue to provide excellent customer services that retain your valuable clients.

Assembly and Kitting Solutions

We are proud to be your third-party provider of kitting and assembly solutions. If your products require them to be packaged and distributed in a standardized set, we can arrange your packages for you and keep all operations in-house for a streamlined process.

Trailer Storage

GFS Logistics provides trailer storage on site for devanning or transloading or delayed receipt. We also provide drop and hook services for partners with volume truck load van needs.

Seasonal “Flex” Inventory Solutions

Seasonal inventory is a high demand sector for many of our partners. GFS Logistics offers seasonal inventory solutions and storage space that allow suppliers to improve demand forecasting and streamline order fulfillment.

API eCommerce Shopping Cart Solutions

GFS Logistics is able to connect to all major eCommerce Shopping cart API integrations.

Business Intelligence and WMS Analytics

GFS Logistics provides business analytics on inventory movement on all SKU’s warehoused in the GFS Logistics WMS. GFS Logistics customers have 24/7 access to their account via the GFS WebLink Portal. Some analytics and KPI reporting are:

  • Carrying Cost of Inventory
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Inventory-to-Sales Ratio
  • Inventory Accuracy
  • Inventory Shrinkage
  • Order Lead Time

ESG Freight Management

GFS Logistics can help with your environmental initiatives through it's GFS Logistics ESG Freight Management. Reducing emissions is a priority for GFS. We work hard and utilize technology to plan the most efficient routes possible to reduce the total number of miles traveled. GFS also works with dual-fuel vehicles that can travel on diesel and cleaner natural gas

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GFS Logistics wants to partner with you to optimize your supply chain. We allow you to focus on your promises to your customers, while we focus on fulfilling them. Our current partners put their business in our hands knowing that we’re there to boost them towards success.

Let us help you make your logistics the best it can be. Contact us today to learn more about our services and the benefits of partnering with our team.

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