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eCommerce Fulfillment Services

Businesses that rely on consumer packaged goods sold online need a reliable ecommerce fulfillment partner to ensure their business goals are efficiently met. GFS Logistics works closely with several successful ecommerce businesses to help take the weight of fulfillment requirements off of their shoulders.

We take pride in our ecommerce fulfillment services and are committed to exceeding customer expectations with each new client we partner with.

Why Use a Fulfillment Center?

Hiring your own employees to pack boxes and ensure eCommerce fulfillment goals are met is time consuming and expensive. Working with a fulfillment center provides several benefits that make this necessary process smoother.

At GFS Logistics, we take pride in our fulfillment center management and provide our clients with advantages that include:

  • A large warehouse that we manage with our own team of logistics professionals
  • Inventory management
  • Low shipping rates through our trusted shipping relationships
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Full responsibility of the shipping process
eCommerce Fulfillment Services - Scanning Package

Our Facilities Promote Healthy Growth Opportunities

Not only does GFS Logistics use our warehouses and resources to save ecommerce businesses time, but we also provide them with the opportunity to steadily grow their business.

When you put your ecommerce fulfillment in our hands, we ensure your products are shipped in a timely manner and allow you to effectively:

  • Market your consumer packaged goods
  • Focus on your brand
  • Product development
  • Examine other areas where your ecommerce business can grow

We Provide eCommerce and Warehouse Services in One Place

Many businesses that work with fulfillment centers often have to balance their budget between eCommerce fulfillment services and commissioning an appropriately sized warehouse to store their backlogged or seasonal products.

At GFS Logistics, we understand that this gets expensive for businesses, and brings fulfillment services and warehousing into one, affordable package.

Our Dallas warehouse provides our clients with 1.6 million square feet of storage space. Our warehouse capabilities guarantee that your business will save time and money, while fulfilling ecommerce orders through a logistics team that delivers on our promise of efficiency.

GFS Logistics Fulfillment Centers Meet All of Your eCommerce Needs

We know that these days, most customers expect quick delivery once they order their consumer packaged goods. So, you’ll want to rely on a fulfillment center that truly meets your ecommerce fulfillment responsibilities with ease.

Not only do we provide local and international fulfillment on all products, but we also have the available technology and staff to cover every aspect of fulfillment. The duties we provide to each client include:

  • Kitting and assembly
  • Packing boxes
  • Labeling
  • Shipment order management
  • Returns management
  • Picking products for shipment
eCommerce Fulfillment Services - Packaging Merchandise

Get Your Products to Their Final Destination with GFS Logistics

If you’re an ecommerce company that is eager to meet customer fulfillment expectations, trust GFS Logistics to provide you with fulfillment services that exceed industry standards. We are ready to help you become a recognized leader in ecommerce fulfillment.

Contact us today to learn more about our logistics services.

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