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ESG Freight Management

Efficiency and waste reduction are essential elements of any business’ practices. While your brand may already implement green in-house methods to reduce your environmental footprint, how does your supply chain as a whole hold up to your standards?

How Well Do Your Delivery Methods Practice Sustainability?

At GFS Logistics, we make sustainability a part of our entire logistics process. From warehouse management freight delivery, our practices are purely efficient. ESG freight management is one of the many logistics services we offer that highlights our dedication to preserving our local and global environment.

Trust us to not only keep our practices ethical but to ensure that your association with us pushes your brand to peak environmental-friendliness in your industry.

ESG Freight Management with GFS Logistics
ESG = Environment, Social, Governance

What Is ESG?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG), is a set criteria that a business follows to ensure that its supply chain:

  • Operates in an environmentally-friendly manner
  • Is socially acceptable
  • Takes an ethical approach to supply chains and management-related actions

How Does GFS Logistics Help Improve Your Environmental Footprint with Green Freight Transportation?

GFS Logistics is dedicated to helping our clients meet their environmental initiatives. Our green freight management practices ensure that the transportation of your products to their final destinations is swift and minimizes environmental exposure to harmful emissions.

Reduced Emissions with Green Freight Transportation

Reducing emissions during travel is one of our top priorities. At GFS Logistics we utilize our experience and up-to-date technology to map out the most efficient route for your product delivery.

Emissions create avoidable environmental problems that include:

  • Smog
  • Acid Rain
  • Unhealthy Air
  • Global Warming

We are dedicated to doing our part to reduce transportation emissions and ensure that the travel routes we select are completed in as few miles as possible.

Dual-Fuel Vehicles

As part of our own personal initiative to combat climate change, GFS Logistics uses dual-fuel vehicles during our standard fulfillment process.

Not only do dual-fuel vehicles reduce fuel costs for our clients, but they also grant our drivers the option of using diesel fuel and cleaner natural gas that emits 50 to 60 percent less carbon dioxide than standard fuel.

When you work with GFS Logistics, we make every effort to ensure that everyone involved does their part to fulfill orders while preserving our environment with green transportation methods.

Fulfill Your Logistics Mindfully With GFS

If you are ready to decrease your environmental footprint throughout your supply chain, GFS Logistics is proud to help. Our ESG freight management services make your deliveries more efficient and help move your brand forward with its vision of ethical practices.

Contact us today to learn more about our ESG freight management services, as well as other ways we can help your brand through efficient warehousing, season inventory solutions, and more!

We’re ready to meet you and make your supply chain process the best it can be through environmentally safe transportation methods!

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