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GFS Logistics Trailer Storage

Sometimes a company specializes in seasonal products or orders too much of a certain product and doesn’t have the in-house ability to store it. In many situations, the company would look towards their warehouse for storage needs.

However, unless the warehouse is properly equipped to store extra products, the goods are most likely to stay in a fleet of 18-wheeler trucks until they’re ready for shipment.

Trucks full of thousands of dollars worth of product are never anything a fulfillment company wants to have just resting on their own property. Fortunately, where other warehouse management teams fail, GFS Logistics succeeds with our unique trailer storage service we offer to customers during their time of need.

GFS Logistics Trailer Storage

GFS Logistics Helps with Storage, No Matter What

When a client signs on as a partner with GFS Logistics, they work with our company knowing that we focus on their needs and fulfilling their promises to customers. We often have clients who find themselves with an influx of flex inventory or simply don’t have space on their property to store trailers full of excess product.

We are always open to working with our customers and arranging storage time for trailers at our location. We can also ensure that customer products are safely stored if an amount arrives that we can’t fulfill in a shorter time frame. Trust us to store your trailers until it’s time for your goods to be prepped, packed, and shipped to consumers.

Our Square Footage can Meet Your Trailer Storage Needs

We have a significant amount of trailer capacity space for storage. Our 1.6 million square foot warehouse has the space our customers need to satisfy fulfillment, in-store display pack out solutions, and more!

We believe that our customers deserve a logistics partner that has the capability to meet any need they have in any stage of the storage and fulfillment process. We’re ready to actively optimize your supply chain when goods need to be shipped, and to hold down the fort when you simply need a storage solution for a fleet of trailers.

Experience Quality Warehouse Management and Fulfillment with GFS Logistics

Every company that has goals of efficiently fulfilling online orders needs to have an equally efficient warehouse on its side. At GFS Logistics, we specialize in every aspect of the eCommerce fulfillment process and ensure that your customers receive their products swiftly.

From extra trailer storage to making reverse logistics a smooth process, GFS Logistics is prepared to be a member of your logistics team that effortlessly helps you move product forward.

If you need a logistics team that handles it all, contact us today to learn more about our services.

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