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Business Intelligence and WMS Analytics with GFS Logistics

Effective warehouse management is key to your business’ supply chain success. However, not every warehousing and logistics company has the experience with the digital warehouse management system of products from multiple industries. Instead, work with a logistics team that is well-versed in warehouse management system analytics.

At GFS Logistics we pride ourselves in providing accurate business intelligence on all SKU’s we house in our warehouse management software system. Trust us to be your eyes and ears when you can’t physically manage your inventory from afar.

GFS Logistics Business Intelligence and WMS Analytics

Reliable Warehouse Management System Analytics

Your inventory is your brand’s lifeline. Without accurate accounting of your products along the supply chain, inventory could become lost and cost your brand a small fortune.

Through WMS analytics, businesses can track several aspects of their inventory that include the following critical areas:

  • Descriptive analytics that allows businesses to track the success of their supply chain over time
  • Predictive analytics that allows for foresite into the supply chain that can avoid any undesirable outcomes
  • Cognitive analytics that helps you answer any questions regarding the improvement of your overall supply chain process

What Does GFS Logistics Do for You?

Not only does GFS logistics help your brand track essential analytics, but we specialize in ensuring that business owners are always in the loop regarding the inventory movement of their products in the GFS warehouse.

Some of the specific data we help our customers track includes:

  • Client inventory turnover
  • The carrying cost of inventory
  • The accuracy of their inventory in our warehouse
  • Order lead time
  • Potential inventory shrinkage
  • Inventory turnover
  • Inventory-to-sales ratio

Combined with the big-picture analytics of a WMS system, the business insight that GFS Logistics brings to a supply chain helps push our customers to the top of their industries, pleasing consumers and continually improving their supply chain alike.

GFS Logistics 24/7 Access to WMS Analytics

24/7 Access to Your Inventory’s Analytics

Not only can customers trust GFS Logistics to effectively handle their warehouse management needs, but we also give them the opportunity to take a look at their analytics themselves, at any time.

Our online customer portal provides 24/7 access to customer accounts; keeping them completely informed about essential KPIs regarding their account within our storage system.

Keep Your Inventory on Track with GFS Logistics

If you’re eager to keep your brand’s supply train on track, make sure to work with a logistics company that has its WMS system under control. GFS Logistics is prepared to put our knowledge to the test and become your physical and digital partner on your journey towards successful supply chain management.

Contact us today to learn more about our experience with business intelligence, WMS and other essential logistics services.

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