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Assembly and Kitting Solutions

Product Requiring Assembly

Fulfillment operations can be complex enough, yet adding in items that require light assembly and prep for a client can exacerbate issues within a supply chain.

Without the help of a qualified logistics team like GFS Logistics, your supply chain can quickly fall behind on important deadlines and diminish a brand’s industry reputation.

At GFS Logistics, we help our clients streamline every aspect of a supply chain, specializing in pick and pack fulfillment assembly and kitting solutions that add extra value to a final product.

What is Kitting and Assembly?

Assembly and kitting, also known as pick and pack fulfillment, consists of a supply chain that takes different parts for a specific product, packs them into a specified package, and ships the final product off to a customer.

Kitting often comes into play when a customer orders multiple products simultaneously. If you’ve ever done so and received a single box with everything inside, your products were kitted during the fulfillment process.

Assembly services occur when products require light assembly before shipping or when last-minute product modifications arise. Light assembly without an experienced team can be a nightmare.

With GFS Logistics on your side, we can quickly meet your light-assemble needs to get your subscription box fulfillment, catalog fulfillment or eCommerce fulfillment products ready.

Kitting Example

Types of Product We Assemble and Kit

At GFS Logistics, the most common items that require our assembly and kitting services include:

  • Product samples
  • Makeup
  • Electronics
  • Subscription Box Fulfillment
  • Catalog Fulfillment
  • Healthcare Materials
  • Multi-Level Marketing Kits
Products to Go into Kit

Why Assemble and Kit with GFS Logistics?

Your clients and their customers deserve the best regarding final product fulfillment. At GFS Logistics, we pride ourselves on providing superior supply chain management that boosts a brand’s reputation to the front of its industry.

We Offer a Start-to-Finish Process

GFS Logistics utilizes a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) that lets us easily complete a start-to-finish kitting and assembly process.

We’ve streamlined our pick and pack fulfillment to the extent that there’s always enough time in our schedule to perform light assembly and accurate kitting on our client’s products.

Trust us to handle your orders from delivery to warehousing to kitting and shipping.

Cost Savings

Forcing handlers to look for specific items to group together before shipping costs your brand time and money!

Adding assembly and kitting services to your supply chain cuts down on handling time and ensures that all items are always ready for shipment in one complete package.

Save money today on reverse logistics and your total shipping process for complex items.

Satisfied Customers

With assembly and kitting in your repertoire, shipping mistakes are drastically reduced. When several steps like weighing and creating individual shipping labels are eliminated, fewer steps are available for mistakes to be made.

When customers receive exactly what they need, they’re happy, you’re happy, and your reputation will quickly begin to rise.

Consistently Meet Deadlines

Assembly and kitting products in bulk speeds up your supply chain process. Your packages can quickly be completed through reduced pick and pack steps, processed as a single SKU, and promptly shipped to meet or exceed deadlines.

Assemble Your Supply Chain to Perfection With GFS Logistics

Whether your clients require assembly and kitting or you want your next shipments to catch the best shipping route at the best value, GFS Logistics is here for you.

Our team of logistics professionals operates out of Dallas, Texas, and is proud to be your go-to supply chain solution, no matter where you need to ship.

Reach out to us today to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member of the GFS Logistics family.

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