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Reverse Logistics Services

In your standard supply chain, goods move from a manufacturer to the customers that purchase your product. Unfortunately sometimes accidents happen during the shipping process. Items could become damaged, or could be a completely different product than what was ordered.

GFS Logistics is proud to provide reverse logistics services that make the return of product from customer to manufacturer a smooth process,and guarantees efficient resale of the product or proper disposal through our superior warehouse management services.

Why Choose GFS Logistics for Your Returns Management?

When your product doesn’t meet the needs of your customers or is damaged upon arrival, reverse logistics helps to ensure that in the end your customer is always satisfied. GFS Logistics covers all of the essentials expected from the process.

Our reverse logistics services cover the following issues for our clients:

  • E-commerce returns
  • Retail returns
  • Component refurbishment
  • Remanufacturing
  • Resale
  • Warranty recovery
  • Product Disposal
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Why is Reverse Logistics Important for Your Brand?

As a brand, you want your customers to be impressed with you, no matter what. Even in situations where their initial experience is unsatisfactory, it’s your responsibility to ensure that any impact had on your reputation is repaired through excellent customer service.

GFS Logistics is the team behind the scenes that is committed to helping our clients uphold their reputation through our outstanding management of their supply chain’s reverse flow.

Our team efficiently plans and controls the inbound flow of products that are returned from customers. We have the square footage in our warehouse to safely store your products and begin the process or reissuing the correct orders to consumers almost immediately.

Your business’ best interests are our priority. Trust GFS Logistics to help you protect your bottom line and ensure that our reverse logistics not only maximize your asset recovery rates, but always continue to meet your customer’s needs.

Your Company Benefits from Our Reverse Logistics Services

When you partner with us, you partner with some of the most experienced minds in the fulfillment industry.

Not only do we completely manage your reverse logistics, but our process also:

  • Improves risk management
  • Reduces the costs typically incurred during the returns process
  • Ensures that refurbishment management exceeds industry standards
  • Guarantees improved overall supply chain efficiency

Create a Positive Impact on Your Brand with GFS Logistics

If you are a manufacturer who needs a logistics partner that does it all, the team at GFS Logistics wants to meet you. Our help guarantees that your fulfillment process is covered from packing to shipping and potential returns. Our 1.6 million square foot warehouse is ready to welcome your products into the fold.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Product Returns and Resale - Reverse Logistics Service